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Welcome to the Scanning Services category, part of How To Corp's Information Technology directory focussed on B2B sales, networking and partnerships.

The How To Corp Scanning Services category, sometimes called imaging, document capture or document scanners, features businesses and organizations offering products and services such as document conversion, 3D scanners and portable scanners. Other products and services that might also be offered include photo scanning, scanning negatives and slide scanning.

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Documents are produced in virtually every aspect of running a business, from accounting and human resources processes to sales and marketing activities. Scanning documents can help improve productivity and reduce operational costs. This practice also helps protect information by producing back-ups in case hard copies of documents are misplaced. Losing a document can cause significant worry in an office environment, and put a business at risk. Using barcode scanners also enhances B2B integration. A barcode scanner can read various bar codes and assist with tracking shipments as they move through the supply chain.

Using a scanning service will help a business improve filing efficiency and archiving capability. Scanning documents also optimizes space by reducing the need for physical storage. For example, physical documents can be stored off-site while electronic copies are available for immediate retrieval and use by staff in the office. Scanned documents also provide instant access to various users at any time. In a B2B context, using a scanning solution also helps you integrate your processes with other partners. This allows, for example, various partners within a supply chain to access documents at any time electronically. Scanning and document management software solutions include Selectica, Zoho Docs, Projectplace, PaperSave, Docxdrive, EisenVault, GenieBelt, Doccept, Process Street and FileHold.

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