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Welcome to the Promotional Advertising category, part of How To Corp's Sales & Marketing directory focussed on B2B sales, networking and partnerships.

The How To Corp Promotional Advertising category, sometimes called promotional products, corporate gifts or promotional giveaways, features businesses and organizations offering products and services such as trade show giveaways, custom promotional items and business gifts. Other products and services that might also be offered include personalized pens, promotional bags and promotional calendars.

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From time to time, a business-to-business (B2B) company might offer a promotion. This might be a reduction in price, a trade-in offer, free products or services, or other types of promotions. A promotion is a good way to help boost sales of your product or service with other companies. In addition to driving sales, a promotion also helps to promote your company and brand.

A successful promotion needs effective marketing and advertising. This often can involve highlighting the promotion on social media, online ads such as AdSense, websites including your company site, and traditional media such as targeted radio, television and print advertising. It also involves using your database of contacts to promote the offer by email or direct mail.

Since promotional emails and ads can be overlooked, advertising must be creative in order to capture the attention of your target audience. It must have a unique selling point that tells potential buyers about the benefits of the product or service as well as highlighting how the promotion will save the buyer money. Advertising should be simple and straight-forward without gimmicks. Using testimonials about your product or service, especially from reputable companies in the B2B world, is also effective. Any promotional advertising should also remain true to your marketing approach and brand.

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