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Welcome to the Management Consultants & Services category, part of How To Corp's Business Solutions directory focussed on B2B sales, networking and partnerships.

The How To Corp Management Consultants & Services category, sometimes called management solutions, management consulting or management services, features businesses and organizations offering products and services such as project management, risk management and business management. Other products and services that might also be offered include capital management, money management and asset management.

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A management consultant helps B2B companies improve their performance by reviewing the existing organizational strengths and weaknesses. With information gathered from their review, management consultants are able to provide advice and development plans to improve performance. Getting external help to improve performance is a great way to get a fresh perspective on how to build and grow a more effective and successful business. This is also a cost-effective and time-saving solution, especially for businesses with limited staff resources.

When choosing a B2B management consultant or service, companies have to determine if they want a strategic expert or a functional specialist. A strategic consultant looks at larger and more strategic issues. They typically look at the company as a whole or a large part of the business. A functional specialist uses their technical expertise to look at more specific issues, such as human resources, sales and product development. Consultants might be asked to develop specific strategies to improve supply chain management, business partnership management, sales and marketing, and other B2B issues.

Our exhaustive index of Business Solutions related organizations and businesses provides new, growing and established US businesses with a comprehensive resource for locating both national and local Management Consultants & Services.

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