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Welcome to the Business Insurance category, part of How To Corp's Business Startup directory focussed on B2B sales, networking and partnerships.

The How To Corp Business Insurance category, sometimes called insurance brokers, commercial insurance or insurance coverage, features businesses and organizations offering products and services such as business owner policies, business interruption insurance and contractual liability insurance. Other products and services that might also be offered include assigned risk, workers compensation insurance and commercial lines insurance.

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The business world remains vulnerable to a wide range of issues, from natural disasters to product defects. Business insurance is vital protection for any B2B company. The type of coverage selected will depend on the level of risk that a company faces.

General liability and worker's compensation coverage is the standard coverage for almost all businesses. This type of insurance may not be enough for certain businesses with higher levels of risk, including manufacturers. Comprehensive and specialized insurance covers specific types of work.

For example, commercial property and contents insurance protects goods stored by a manufacturer or distributer in a warehouse, factory or other business premises. This type of insurance also covers equipment in case it is damaged or destroyed. Another type of specialized coverage is product liability insurance. This type of cover protects a business in case a product they are manufacturing or assembling causes injury, illness or property damage. There is also cargo insurance available to cover products, parts and other items while they are being shipped to a B2B customer. Business interruption insurance is also available to provide financial assistance to a company that needs to shut down operations due to a natural disaster, property damage caused by a break-in or arson, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Our exhaustive index of Business Startup related organizations and businesses provides new, growing and established US businesses with a comprehensive resource for locating both national and local Business Insurance.

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